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3M™ Spray Lube is a translucent, thick, high-performance lubricant designed for vehicles that are used frequently, carry heavy loads and are exposed to extreme environments. It can provide long-term lubrication to difficult-to-access parts of your vehicle. Ideal for hinges, latches, window regulator tracks, seat tracks, cables and other under-the-hood and around the vehicle applications.

  • Convenient aerosol application
  • Flowable to reach hard-to-reach areas
  • Provides a thick coating that both lubricates and prevents rust
  • Water resistant
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Minimum Order 12 Canisters
Order Increment 12 Canisters
Product Dimensions
Imperial Metric
Weight 0.941 LBS
Shipping Dimensions
Weight 11.82 lb
Length 11.3 in
Width 8.6 in
Height 8.7 in
Color Milky
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A Uniform Spray-on Lube
The differences are clear: far from just grease, our 3M™ Spray Lube delivers a clean, reliable lubricating surface that helps protect a range of critical areas on your vehicle. This high performance lube is formulated to spray on quickly and cover evenly. In just minutes, it forms a water resistant coating that helps protect the surface as well as improve operation. This spray-on lube is designed for use as a general purpose lubricant on metal surfaces such as hinges and latches, and is effective across a range of locations on vehicles including seat and window tracks and various linkages including those under the vehicle's hood.

Recommended Applications

Pivot points
Seat tracks
Window regulator tracks
Windshield wiper linkages
Under-the-hood applications
Parking brake cables

Better Science for Better Auto Care from 3M
3M delivers decades of development in cleaning and surface protection to even the most basic – and crucial – auto care jobs. Our 3M™ Spray Lube is a terrific example of how 3M applies science to the lives of automobile owners to help you get the most enjoyment and value from the vehicles.

Do not use on carburetors, throttle body assemblies or accelerator cables as sticking may occur. Refer to your vehicle manufacturers recommendation for proper service of these items.   Add to cart