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  • Filtrete Replacement Filter For Oac250 Office Air Cleaner
  • Filtrete Filter Media Plus Activated Carbon Helps Remove Smoke & Dust And Reduces Other Particles & Odors From The Air
  • Filter Life Up To 3 Months, Depending On Fan Speed And Air Quality
  • Change When Visibly Dirty
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Product Dimensions
Imperial Metric
Weight 0.5953 LBS
Width 11-7/8 in 30.175 cm
Length 18-3/4 in 47.625 cm
Height 1.6 in
Thickness 1.63 in 4.14 cm
Shipping Dimensions
Weight 4.76 lb
Length 19.8 in
Width 11.6 in
Height 13.4 in


  1. What's the best way to install the Filtrete Replacement Filter OAC250RF?

    Installing the filter is quick and easy! Simply follow these three steps: open the front panel of your air cleaner, remove and discard your old filter, slide in your new Filtrete Replacement Filter OAC250RF.

  2. Is it necessary to replace my filter regularly?

    Yes! For best performance, change your filter every 3 months or as needed depending on usage. Use our water droplet test to determine when you need a replacement-filter.

  3. Does this filter work with both dust and other pollutants?

    Absolutely! Our filtrete electrostatic technology works effectively not only against airborne dust but also pollen, smoke, pet dander odors & smog.

  4. Is there any warranty period available for this item?

    The product has a limited warranty of 90 days starting from date of purchase. Any manufacturing defects would be covered under it.

  5. Is it safe for us if we touch or breathe in any part of this product during installation or maintenance?

    The product doesn’t contain anything harmful which could harm you while touching; However while installing/maintenance just make sure that minor injury can happen due to sharp edges - so please be careful & use appropriate precautions like wearing gloves etc..

Filtrete™ Replacement Filter for OAC250 Office Air Cleaner for Conference Rooms or large work areas. Electrostatic filter media with built in activated carbon filter helps clean the air and reduce odors in the office.