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Product Number 3MN108PL

Shipboard signs made from high performance, rechargeable photoluminescent film that "glows in the dark" for the production of safety and emergency exit signage. Retroreflective letters are made from 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Reflective Sheeting.

  • Approved supplier to the U.S. Navy
  • Superior initial and retained photoluminosity
  • Increases visibility of markings and signage in dark and low-light conditions
  • Requires no additional electrical power and continues to glow in the event of electrical failure
  • Flexible and conformable
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive
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Minimum Order 1 Pack
Order Increment 1 Pack
  High Performance Film
  Optimal Graphic Application
  Can Be Used In Many Industries
  Industry Low Price
Product Dimensions
Imperial Metric
Width 2 in 5.08 cm
Length 6 in 15.24 cm
Shipping Dimensions
Weight 0.02 lb
Length 9.1 in
Width 4.8 in
Height 3.6 in


  1. What is 3M™ Photoluminescent Film 6900 used for?

    The 3M™ Photoluminescent Film 6900 is a safety film that glows in dark conditions, making it great for emergency exits and other safety-related signs.

  2. Is the Shipboard Sign 3MN108PL waterproof?

    Yes, the Shipboard Sign 3MN108PL is designed to withstand harsh marine environments and meets international standards for water resistance.

  3. How big are the EEBD signs?

    The EEBD signs come with dimensions of2 inches by6 inches.

  4. . Can I purchase fewer than ten EEBDs at once?

    . Unfortunately no; each package has ten EEBDs included as no less can be produced or purchased together.

  5. . How much would shipping cost on an order of three packages?

    . Thanks for asking! Since we do not handle individual orders directly in this department-the best way to get information is to visit our website or contact your nearest distributor who could help provide pricing into account while purchasing multiple bundles like yours weighing [total weight].

Product Description: 3M™ Photoluminescent Film 6900, Shipboard Sign 3MN108PL, 2 in x 6 in, EEBD, 10/Package

The 3M™ Photoluminescent Film 6900 is a high-quality shipboard sign designed to enhance safety and visibility in emergency situations. This photoluminescent film is specifically engineered to provide long-lasting glow-in-the-dark properties, ensuring that critical information remains visible even in low-light or blackout conditions. With a size of 2 inches by 6 inches, this shipboard sign is compact yet highly effective in conveying important messages.

The Shipboard Sign 3MN108PL is specifically designed for use with Emergency Escape Breathing Devices (EEBD). It features clear and concise text, along with universally recognized symbols, to provide clear instructions and guidance to individuals in emergency situations. The photoluminescent properties of the film allow the sign to remain visible for an extended period of time after exposure to light, ensuring that it can be easily located and read when needed the most.

Each package of the 3M™ Photoluminescent Film 6900, Shipboard Sign 3MN108PL, contains 10 signs. These signs are easy to install and can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including metal, plastic, and painted surfaces. The durable construction of the film ensures that it can withstand harsh marine environments, making it an ideal choice for shipboard applications.

  • High-quality photoluminescent film for enhanced safety and visibility
  • 2 inches by 6 inches size for compact yet effective messaging
  • Designed for use with Emergency Escape Breathing Devices (EEBD)
  • Clear and concise text with universally recognized symbols
  • Long-lasting glow-in-the-dark properties for visibility in low-light or blackout conditions
  • Easy installation on various surfaces
  • Durable construction for harsh marine environments
  • Each package contains 10 signs

Ensure the safety of your shipboard personnel with the 3M™ Photoluminescent Film 6900, Shipboard Sign 3MN108PL. Order your package today and experience the reliability and effectiveness of 3M's innovative safety solutions.

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