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Product Number 3MN037DG

3M™ Diamond Grade™ Markings for emergency and evacuation signage.

  • Approved supplier to the U.S. Navy
  • Retroreflective letters and numbers used for the production of safety and emergency exit signage
  • Highly visible under ambient light and in dark conditions with retroreflected light
  • Aggressive, pressure-sensitive adhesive
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Minimum Order 1 Pack
Order Increment 1 Pack
  Great for Road Safety
  Very Visible
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Product Dimensions
Imperial Metric
Width 8 in 20.32 cm
Length 12 in 30.48 cm
Shipping Dimensions
Weight 0.9 lb
Length 12.6 in
Width 8.6 in
Height 7.8 in


  1. What is 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Damage Control Sign 3MN037DG?

    It is a type of sign made by 3M that helps to identify damaged areas and control traffic in dangerous situations.

  2. What are the dimensions of this sign?

    The dimensions for this sign are 8 inches by 12 inches, making it easily visible from a distance.

  3. How many signs come in one package of the product?

    This product comes with ten (10) signs per pack, which makes it cost-effective for businesses as they can get more value from their purchase.

  4. Is there any specific usage instructions needed to be followed while using these signs?

    ; These signs have an easy peel-and-stick process, and you can install them on hard surfaces such as concrete or steel. They should be installed perpendicular to traffic flow so that drivers can see them clearly from a distance.

  5. Can I customize these diamond grade damage control stickers according to my business requirements?

    ; Absolutely! We offer custom design options for our customers who would like to add their logo or create customized graphics based on their individual needs. Please contact us directly to find out more about customization options.

Product Description: 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Damage Control Sign 3MN037DG, "DCREL", 8 in x 12 in, 10/Package

The 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Damage Control Sign 3MN037DG, also known as "DCREL", is a high-quality sign designed to effectively communicate important messages and warnings. With its vibrant colors and reflective properties, this sign ensures maximum visibility and readability, even in low-light conditions. Measuring 8 inches by 12 inches, this sign is the perfect size for various applications, including indoor and outdoor use.

Constructed with 3M's Diamond Grade™ technology, this sign offers exceptional durability and longevity. It is made from premium materials that are resistant to fading, cracking, and peeling, ensuring that your message remains clear and intact for years to come. The reflective properties of the sign make it highly visible from a distance, enhancing safety and reducing the risk of accidents or misunderstandings.

Each package of the 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Damage Control Sign 3MN037DG contains 10 signs, providing you with multiple options for displaying your message. Whether you need to mark hazardous areas, indicate emergency exits, or communicate important instructions, this sign is a reliable and effective solution. With its easy installation and long-lasting performance, the 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Damage Control Sign 3MN037DG is the ideal choice for any signage needs.

  • High-quality sign designed for effective communication of messages and warnings
  • Vibrant colors and reflective properties ensure maximum visibility and readability
  • Measures 8 inches by 12 inches, suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Constructed with 3M's Diamond Grade™ technology for exceptional durability
  • Resistant to fading, cracking, and peeling for long-lasting performance
  • Reflective properties enhance safety and reduce the risk of accidents
  • Each package contains 10 signs, providing multiple options for display
  • Easy installation and reliable performance make it the ideal choice for any signage needs
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