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Product Number 3MN209DG

3M™ Diamond Grade™ Markings signage.

  • Approved supplier to the U.S. Navy
  • Retroreflective letters and numbers used for the production of safety and emergency exit signage
  • Highly visible under ambient light and in dark conditions with retroreflected light
  • Aggressive, pressure-sensitive adhesive
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  Very Visible
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Product Dimensions
Imperial Metric
Width 2 in 5.08 cm
Length 6 in 15.24 cm
Shipping Dimensions
Weight 0.3 lb
Length 9.1 in
Width 4.8 in
Height 3.6 in


  1. What is the purpose of 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Safety Sign


  2. The primary purpose of the 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Safety Sign 3MN209DG "CAUTION" is to notify people about any potential hazards or cautionary areas ahead.

    How many signs come in a package and what is their size?

  3. Each package contains ten (10) 6 inches x 2 inches sized diamond-grade safety signs.

    In which situations can I use this sign, exactly?

  4. This safety sign could be used in any situation that involves cautions inside or outside an area. It is mainly ideal for commercial workplaces, industrial sites, public sector worksites, hospitals shopping malls among others.

    Which materials are used for making these signs?

  5. :These cautionary high-visibility bright color-coded yellow-green faced self-adhering diamond grade surface texture plastic sheets are nanotech treated with enhanced retro-reflectivity elements for maximum performance internal/external usage.

    : Are these signs durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions outdoor?

  6. : Yes! With resistance against climatic extremes from sun-drenched hot summers to icy grinding winters. Made with highly enduring material capable of lasting more than five years without diminishing quality

Product Description: 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Safety Sign 3MN209DG, "CAUTION", 6 in x 2 in, 10/Package

The 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Safety Sign 3MN209DG is a high-quality caution sign designed to enhance safety and visibility in various environments. With its bold "CAUTION" message, this sign effectively alerts individuals to potential hazards and helps prevent accidents. Measuring 6 inches by 2 inches, it is compact yet highly noticeable, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

One of the standout features of this safety sign is its use of 3M™ Diamond Grade™ technology. This innovative reflective material ensures maximum visibility, even in low-light conditions. The sign's bright yellow color and reflective properties make it highly visible from a distance, allowing individuals to quickly identify potential dangers and take appropriate precautions.

Each package of the 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Safety Sign 3MN209DG contains 10 signs, providing ample supply for various applications. These signs are easy to install and can be mounted on walls, doors, or other surfaces using adhesive or screws. Made with durable materials, they are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and maintain their visibility over time.

  • High-quality caution sign with bold "CAUTION" message
  • Measures 6 inches by 2 inches, suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Utilizes 3M™ Diamond Grade™ technology for maximum visibility
  • Bright yellow color and reflective properties enhance visibility in low-light conditions
  • Package includes 10 signs for ample supply
  • Easy installation with adhesive or screws
  • Durable materials withstand harsh weather conditions

Ensure the safety of your workplace or facility with the 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Safety Sign 3MN209DG. Its eye-catching design and superior visibility make it an essential tool for preventing accidents and promoting a safe environment.

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