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Wind Turbine Accessories | High End Vortex Generator Kits
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Wind Turbine Accessories

Slip Stream 24/7 can offer the brand new, complete Wind Turbine Accessories 200-piece kit for the exceptionally low price of $5,648.09! The kit includes all the necessary types of components, including screws, bolts, nuts, washers, and more the components are made from high-grade materials and designed to withstand the elements and extreme temperatures. It is for industrial and occupational use only and will help to increase annual energy production by up to 1% or more!
Description Lead
Min Price Instant
Length Width Height Diameter Thickness Volume Center Hole Weight Grit Speed RPM SKU
3M™ Vortex Generator, M VORTEX, 200 pieces per kit, 1 Kits/Case
3M™ Vortex Generator, M VORTEX, 200 pieces per kit, 1 Kits/Case 1 $5,648.09
per Kit
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What is a Vortex Generator and How Does it Work?

3M Wind Vortex Generator is a copyrighted technology conceived by 3M which puts the power of wind to use in making electrical power. It employs an amalgamation of aerodynamics and engineering to produce a vertical current of rotating air that is driven into a generator. The generator then utilizes the rotational energy of the air to generate electricity. This modern technology is planned as an economical, low-upkeep, and eco-friendly manner of generating renewable energy.