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Abrasive Wheels

Slip Stream 24/7 Abrasive wheels can all be used for different purposes, from modifying or preparing surfaces (both internal and external). These premium abrasive wheels can be used for different types of grinding, use abrasive cut-off, and also for applications such as cutting, polishing, sanding, deburring, and finishing. Most of our products are shipped within a day. All our wheels are made by 3M to exact ISO9001 standards.


We supply 6 variations types of premium abrasive wheels and from 3M Scotch-Brite, Standard Abrasives, Green Corps, Roloc, Finesse-it, and Trizact. These solid abrasive wheels are used to shape or finish a particular material.


There are numerous types of abrasive wheels for different applications which are majorly dependent on the type of material they are cutting or shaping. At Slip Stream 24/7 we stock:

Buffing wheels have abrasive particles loosely attached to the wheel, making them soft. They are mainly used in the smoothing of materials, especially metal surfaces. We have 6 high-strength buffing wheels available from Scotch-Brite in various sizes.
Cut-off wheels are made by using abrasive grains like ceramic, aluminum oxide, and such with an organic bond. Flexible grinding wheels are usually made of aluminum oxide and silicon carbide. These wheels are utilized for the finishing of the surface via grinding.

These wheels are thin and can cut almost any surface with ease. We have 140 different cut-off and grinding wheels available from a range of top industrial brands such as 3M, Green Corps, Cubitron, Standard Abrasives.
These wheels are made of silicon carbide, resin, and non-woven nylon fibers. Deburring & Finishing wheels provide cleaning, deburring, and finishing of the surfaces. We have 1780 wheels available all from Scotch-Brite.
Flap wheels have a radial arrangement of abrasive flaps around the core. Due to their flexible shape, they act as a great source for metal finishing and cleaning of surfaces along with deburring, polishing. We have 280 premium flap wheels available from Scotch-Brite, Roloc, Standard Abrasives.
Polishing wheels are made of abrasive grains properly secured to the core and are usually made of materials like wool, leather, or canvas. They provide a smooth and soft surface to the metals. Our polishing wheels were made by 3M, Finesse-it.
Stripe-off wheels are usually made of silicon. They are used at high-speed by attaching to the electric drill to remove the adhesive, vinyl, or tape from the surface without damaging it. We have 3 premium stripe-off wheels in stock.


The main benefits of using abrasive wheels:

  1. Saves time
  2. Produces smooth finishes whilst always maintaining accuracy
  3. Can cut hardened steel
  4. Requires very little pressure
  5. Increased Grinding productivity including cutting high-quality alloy steels