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At Slip Stream 24/7, we understand that sustainability is key to our future, and we are deeply committed to this journey. Being an exclusive retailer of 3M products, we align with 3M's clear purpose and are committed to leveraging science to create a brighter, more sustainable world for everyone.

Our Sustainability Goals

Drawing inspiration from 3M's strategies, we actively pursue well-defined and quantifiable objectives that echo our devotion to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. Our recognition of the critical role that a robust commitment to sustainability plays in the endurance of our company, planet, society, and economy drives these objectives.

Our Sustainable Products

Being a proud seller of 3M products, we take pride in offering you products that are part of a global commitment to sustainability. 3M's long-standing commitment to sustainability is a core value of their company, and it shows in their initiatives, which include shifting to renewable energy sources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and increasing circular solutions. We stand behind these commitments and are proud to provide you with products that reflect this sustainable approach.

  • Science for Circular: We strive to promote and sell products that support a more circular economy – products designed with their life cycle in mind, which are more sustainable and contribute to waste reduction.
  • Science for Climate: We are committed to offering products that are produced with energy efficiency and reduced greenhouse gas emissions in mind, aligning with 3M's commitment to renewable energy and reduced emissions
  • Science for Community: We comprehend that sustainability encompasses more than just ecological aspects. It's about cultivating a vibrant, welcoming community. Our goal is to nurture a community atmosphere through alliances, collaborations, and initiatives that utilize our skills for volunteering efforts.

We look forward to continuing this journey towards a more sustainable future with you. Thank you for choosing Slip Stream 24/7 and for supporting sustainable business practices.

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