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Slip Stream 24/7 sells a vast selection of high-quality 3M™ Abrasives. Our Abrasive range of Belts, Sheets, Discs & Brushes have been built with 3M™ innovative technologies for a range of solutions such as Grinding, Cutting, Cleaning, Polishing, and more. We sell heavy-duty Industrial Abrasives for Metal Fabrication and Finishing, and standard Abrasives from vehicle repair, and paint removal to filler sanding and paint preparation.

How We Can Help

We have a complete range of 3M Abrasive products which also consist of abrasives from 3M associated brands such as Hootkit, Standard Abrasives, Scotch-brite, and Cubitron.

Our customers can choose from thousands of professional abrasive tools, products, and equipment that can be used for a multitude of applications, producing fantastic finishes while keeping their longevity.

When it comes to abrasives, Slip Stream 24/7 offers the Lowest Prices, Technical Advice, Official Warranty, and global shipping. See our fantastic range above!