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Slip Stream 24/7 sells high-performance acoustic insulation products perfect for vibration and sound dampening on thin sheet metal, plastic panels, and support structures. We also have a range of electrical insulation products such as insulation boards, insulation papers, flexible laminates, and electrical insulation putty for sealing. Our putty is non-corrosive and has excellent aging properties. All products conform to ISO9001 Standards and are available at the lowest industry prices.

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Our 3M™ acoustic insulation products such as sound deadening pads, dampening aluminum foam sheets, and viscoelastic damping polymer are perfect for reducing sound reverberation in any room. These products are made from a special blend of materials to absorb sound waves, providing superior soundproofing without compromising on quality. We have 6 variations available in different sizes Click on 'Acoustic Insulation' above to see our inventory, lead time, and price.