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Fire Protection

Slip Stream 24/7 supplies a vast range of top-quality 3M ™ fire protection products that come with a Certificate of Manufacturer Conformance made by 3M to exact ISO9002 standards. Our product range includes coatings, tapes, foams, putties, mats, plugs, sheets, sprays & more! Check out our products in the categories below!


We have an extensive range of 3M™ Fire Protection products with fast shipping times and excellent prices

All our 3M fire protection products have been fully tested and certified to provide a critical layer of protection against the spread of fire and smoke. Whether it's putty, fire barriers, or a sealant, they have all been designed and manufactured with fire-resistant properties to ensure constant reliability and be very durable, reducing the risk of fire and smoke spreading through buildings and homes which will save many lives.

Slip Stream 24/7 offers the perfect solution for those looking to upgrade their building's fire safety measures, with tried and tested resilient and cost-effective products.