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Flexible Adhesives

We stock a variety of 3M™, Flexible Adhesives from 3 categories; Hot Melt Adhesives, Solvent Based Adhesives, and Water Based Adhesives. These are all suitable for both gap-filling and sealing techniques, as well as strong adhesion between a wide variety of substrates. Our Flexible adhesives are used in almost all industries, across many applications, and with most products having a short shipping lead time.

Flexible Adhesives Available

Flexible adhesives have excellent curing speeds and fixing times, and they were very popular due to the nature of it’s properties which allow the adhesive for movement in the joint of the items bonded. Another bonus is each of our adhesive groups, hot melt, solvent-based or water based adhesives also have unique properties in addition which makes them very useful in the construction industry.

We have 69 variations of Hot Melt Adhesive Products available. These are easy to apply and provide an ultra strong bond. This product can be used for a variety of applications such as Assembly, Assembling joining, Attaching, Securing, Repairing, Panel bonding, Sealing, Encapsulating, Rigidizing, Foam bonding, Gluing, Packaging and more.
We have over 150 different solved-based adhesives available for a variety of purposesThese include high-performance rubber and gasket adhesives, plastic adhesives, contact adhesives, vinyl spray, and many more. These can be used for applications such as Foam Bonding, Gasket Assembly, Metal Bonding, Rubber Bonding, Trim attachment, Bond Rubber Gaskets to Metal, Interior Gasket & Seal Attachment Wall Lining and Flooring, and more.
All our water-based adhesives are made by 3M™ Fastbond™ and are designed for good heat resistance, high strength, high coverage, and long bonding range. Easy to apply and non-flammable in a wet state. Most products come with instant shipping. Applications it is used for range from Carpet Attaching, Adhering Floor Coverings to Large Surface Lamination Assembly range and more.