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Reclosable Fasteners

We sell super strong, durable, heat-resistant 3M™ Dual Reclosable fasteners. These quality fasteners offer advanced closure alternatives and are used for a variety of applications. We have hundreds of different types of hook and loop fasteners and mushroom hook fasteners. Click on a category below and see our full inventory and lowest prices!

Helpful Information

Slip Stream 24/7 stands as a premier choice for purchasing hook and loop fasteners and mushroom hook fasteners, offering unparalleled quality and versatility in their products. Our hook and loop fasteners provide a reliable and adjustable solution for a multitude of fastening needs, whether in industrial, commercial, or personal applications.

They are known for their strong grip and ease of use, making them ideal for scenarios requiring quick and secure fastening. Meanwhile, our mushroom hook fasteners offer an even stronger bond due to their unique design, suitable for applications where a more robust attachment is needed.