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Part Number 7100

For wet or dry stripping. Prepares floors for recoating. Quickly and easily cuts through old finish. Conforms to uneven floors.

  • Used with water based floor finish stripping solutions to remove old soiled floor finishes and sealers
  • Can clean heavily soiled hard surface floors such as concrete when used with appropriate cleaning chemicals
  • Also used for dry stripping floors using minimum moisture content stripping chemcials
  • Made of nylon and polyester fibers in an open textured non-woven construction
  • Abrasive particles are dispersed throughout and bonded to the non-woven construction with a durable adhesive
  • Conformable stripping pad for uneven floors
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Product Dimensions
Imperial Metric
Width 0 np 0 NP
Length 0 np 0 NP
Diameter 19 in 483 mm
Thickness 1 in 2.54 cm
Shipping Dimensions
Weight 4.9 lb
Length 19.7 in
Width 19.4 in
Height 5.8 in
Color Brown


  1. What is the price of 3M™ Brown Stripper Pad 7100, 19 in, 5/Case?

    The price for a case of five (5) pads may vary depending on location and retailer. However, it's competitively priced and worth the investment.

  2. Can I use this pad with my floor machine?

    Absolutely! The 3M™ Brown Stripper Pad 7100 is designed to be used with standard electric floor machines or automatic scrubbers. It can easily strip wax or finish off soiled surfaces without damaging them.

  3. How long does each pad last?

    Each pad is durable enough to withstand multiple uses before showing any signs of wear-and-tear. Keep in mind that usage frequency and type will influence its lifespan.

  4. Can this pad only be used for stripping floors?

    While its primary use is removing wax buildup from flooring surfaces, it can also be utilized for light scrubbing tasks like cleaning baseboards or walls.

Product Description: 3M™ Brown Stripper Pad 7100, 19 in, 5/Case

The 3M™ Brown Stripper Pad 7100 is a high-quality floor maintenance pad designed to effectively remove floor finish, sealer, and contaminants from various types of hard surfaces. With a diameter of 19 inches, this pad is suitable for use with standard floor machines and automatic scrubbers. Each case contains 5 pads, ensuring long-lasting performance and value for your cleaning needs.

Featuring an open web construction, the 3M™ Brown Stripper Pad 7100 is highly durable and resistant to clogging, allowing for efficient and consistent stripping action. The abrasive particles embedded in the pad provide aggressive stripping power, making it ideal for heavy-duty stripping tasks. This pad is specifically designed for use on low-speed rotary or automatic floor machines and is compatible with most stripping solutions.

Not only does the 3M™ Brown Stripper Pad 7100 deliver exceptional stripping performance, but it also offers easy maintenance. The pad can be easily cleaned and reused, reducing waste and saving you money in the long run. Its brown color makes it easily distinguishable from other floor pads, ensuring proper identification and organization in your cleaning supplies.

  • High-quality floor maintenance pad for effective stripping of floor finish, sealer, and contaminants
  • 19-inch diameter pad suitable for use with standard floor machines and automatic scrubbers
  • Open web construction for durability and resistance to clogging
  • Abrasive particles embedded in the pad for aggressive stripping power
  • Compatible with most stripping solutions
  • Easy to clean and reuse, reducing waste and saving money
  • Brown color for easy identification and organization

Choose the 3M™ Brown Stripper Pad 7100 for efficient and reliable stripping performance on a variety of hard surfaces. With its high-quality construction and long-lasting durability, this pad is an essential tool for any professional floor maintenance routine.

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