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Command White Mini Refill Adhesive Strips allow you to move and rehang your Command Wall Hooks in your dorm room or college apartment any time the inspiration strikes. Deposit-friendly, these damage free hanging Command Refill Strips stick on a variety of smooth surfaces without leaving holes, marks or sticky residue. Use these removable adhesive strips to rehang medium Command Hooks, soap dishes, broom and mop grippers and other Command products. Simply mount these wall hanging strips with your Command Hook on painted walls, finished wood, laminate, glass, metal and tiles and enjoy rehanging your favorite dorm decorations, school organizers and lights. Perfect for college students, these wall adhesive strips with a Command Hook are dorm room essentials that elevate the appearance of your dorm room or apartment without tools. Directions are included; follow the directions closely and refer to original hook packaging to use the 3M Adhesive Strips. A clever redecorating and reorganizing solution that doesnt damage surfaces, these refill strips are dorm essentials that will help you fearlessly change your living space. One package includes 12 white Command Replacement Strips designed for use with mini indoor wall hooks. Decorate, organize and celebrate damage free with Command.

  • USE WITH MINI WALL HOOKS: One package includes 12 strips of the Command Mini Refill Adhesive Strips; use your wall adhesive strip to replace the current strips on any mini indoor wall hook
  • DAMAGE FREE HANGING: Damage free hanging strips work without leaving holes, marks or sticky residue so you can move and rehang your Command Wall Hooks whenever you want, wherever you want, in your dorm room or apartment when the inspiration strikes
  • WORKS ON A VARIETY OF SMOOTH SURFACES: Wall hanger strips work on a variety of smooth surfaces, including painted walls, finished wood, painted concrete cinder blocks, laminate, glass, metal and tiles in your dorm or rental
  • SURFACE PREP: Clean the desired surface with rubbing alcohol to remove grime and dust to allow the wall hanger strips to bond to the surface; the indoor temperature must be between 50 degrees Fahrenheit and 105 degrees Fahrenheit
  • USAGE TIPS: Wait seven days after painting before using the refill strips to allow paint to cure; do not hang over beds or on wallpaper; do not use the wall adhesive strips to hang valuable items
  • EASY CLEAN REMOVAL: Lightly hold the top of the removable adhesive strips and slowly pull straight down towards the floor to remove wall hooks holding college dorm decor and prevent damage of walls and surfaces
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Minimum Order 36 Sets
Order Increment 36 Sets
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Product Dimensions
Imperial Metric
Weight 0.05 lbs
Width 3.8748
Length 1/8
Height 6-3/4
Thickness 1/2 in
Shipping Dimensions
Weight 1.80007 lb
Length 12.00787 in
Width 8.38583 in
Height 5 in
Color White


  1. Of course! Here are some questions and answers

    How many Command™ Mini Refill Strips come in a pack of 17020-ES?

  2. Each pack contains 18 mini refill strips, perfect for replacing or reusing your Command™ products.

    Can the Command™ Mini Refill Strips 17020-ES hold up different types of materials?

  3. Absolutely! These refill strips are designed to securely hold a variety of lightweight objects, whether they're made of plastic, wood, metal, or paper.

    Are the Command™ Mini Refill Strips easy to remove without damaging surfaces?

  4. Yes, they are. You can simply stretch and remove them cleanly without leaving any sticky residue behind on your walls or surfaces.

    How long can I expect the adhesive on the Command™ Mini Refill Strips to last?

  5. The adhesive is designed for strong bonding that lasts but can be easily removed when needed—it's reliable yet removable at your convenience.

Command White Mini Refill Adhesive Strips are the perfect solution for those who love to decorate and celebrate during the holidays. These amazing adhesive strips allow you to easily move and rehang your Command Wall Hooks whenever inspiration strikes. What sets these refill strips apart is their damage-free hanging capability. They securely stick to a variety of smooth surfaces without leaving any holes, marks, or sticky residue behind. This means you can confidently use them on painted walls, finished wood, and tiles without worrying about any damage. With these removable adhesive strips, you can effortlessly rehang your medium-sized Command Wall Hooks and other Command products. This opens up a world of possibilities for holiday decorating. Hang your favorite ornaments, Christmas decorations, lights, and stockings with ease and without the need for any tools. Not only are these adhesive strips perfect for homeowners looking to spruce up their living spaces, but they are also ideal for college students and renters. Whether you're living in an apartment or a dorm room, these strips allow you to elevate the appearance of your space without causing any damage. Each package of Command White Mini Refill Adhesive Strips includes 12 strips designed specifically for use with mini indoor Christmas hooks. The strips are easy to use, and directions are included to ensure you get the best results. For additional guidance, you can also refer to the original hook packaging. So, this holiday season, decorate, organize, and celebrate without any worries about damage. Trust in the reliability and quality of Command products to help you create a festive and inviting atmosphere in your home, office, apartment, or dorm room.