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  • Durable adhesive that works on a wide variety of surfaces
  • Outstanding for fabrics and wood . . . also good for ceramics, china, leather, tile, brick, paper, some plastics, and other surfaces.
  • Comes with a pointed tip for precise application.
  • Clear and highly versatile
  • 1 fl oz
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Product Dimensions
Imperial Metric
Weight 0.092 LBS
Shipping Dimensions
Weight 1.327 lb
Length 6.375 in
Width 6.375 in
Height 7.5 in


  1. What is the difference between 3M's Scotch Maximum Strength Adhesive and other types of glue?

    Our Scotch Maximum Strength Adhesive 6047 is specifically designed to provide a strong, permanent bond on more difficult surfaces such as plastic and metals. It also dries clear for a neat finish.

  2. Can this adhesive be used with fabric?

    This particular adhesive may not work well with fabrics but we do have other products that are better suited for use with textiles such as our Fabric Adhesive line.

  3. Is it water-resistant once applied?

    Yes, it does offer some degree of water resistance once dry. However, if you need something waterproof or heat-resistant we recommend checking out our specialized adhesives like the Super77 Multipurpose Spray Adhesive.

  4. How long does it take to dry in normal conditions?

    ny moisture will delay drying times- Generally speaking under normal temperature and humidity conditions (70°F/50%RH), bonding time could be as quick as 5 minutes depending on how much has been applied.

  5. Is this product safe to handle without gloves?

    ;For general handling procedures no gloves or special equipment would be recommended. We always suggest reading through any warning labels before starting your project just to double-check whether there might be any specific precautions necessary for your intended application.

Product Description

This glue gel is our most durable super strength adhesive

This glue gel is designed to provide exceptional durability and super strength for all your adhesive needs. It is specifically formulated to work effectively on a wide variety of surfaces, making it a versatile choice for any project.

Clear and highly versatile

Our glue gel is transparent, ensuring that it seamlessly blends with any surface it is applied to. Its versatility allows it to be used on various materials, making it a reliable adhesive for different applications.

Outstanding for fabrics and wood

When it comes to fabrics and wood, our glue gel truly shines. Its exceptional bonding strength ensures a secure and long-lasting hold, making it ideal for repairing or creating projects involving these materials.

Also good for ceramics, china, leather, tile, brick, paper, some plastics, and other surfaces

In addition to fabrics and wood, our glue gel is also suitable for a wide range of other materials. Whether you're working with ceramics, china, leather, tile, brick, paper, certain plastics, or other surfaces, our adhesive will provide reliable and effective bonding.

Comes with a pointed tip for precise application

To ensure accurate and controlled application, our glue gel is equipped with a pointed tip. This feature allows for precise placement of the adhesive, making it easier to achieve the desired results with minimal mess or waste.

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