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Permanent or temporary installations

  • 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Linear Delineation System Series 340 for the linear reflectorization of concrete barriers and metal guardrails
  • Delineation panels made with 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Reflective Sheeting laminated to thin-gauge aluminum
  • Diamond Grade™ optics provide superior brightness and angularity
  • Crimped “wave” design enables extreme angularity performance
  • The linear delineation system’s unique mounting techniques enable easy application and allow road crews to complete installation of over a 1000-foot section in about six hours
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  1. What is the 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Linear Delineation System?

    The 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Linear Delineation System is a high-quality pavement marking system designed to increase visibility, especially in low light or poor weather conditions.

  2. What are the benefits of using the LDS-Y334 Yellow product specifically?

    The LDS-Y334 Yellow product is an excellent choice for lane and edge markings due to its highly reflective, diamond-grade surface that provides superior visibility and durability even after years of use.

  3. How many pieces come in each carton?

    Each carton includes 50 pieces of LDS-Y334 Yellow delineators, each measuring 34 inches by 4 inches.

  4. . Is this easy to install myself or will I need professional help?

    . Generally you can self-install these systems if you follow our instruction manual carefully. However, it's best to check your local regulations on installation practices before starting any work. Some locations require licensed professionals for certain types of road markers so be sure to familiarize yourself with those rules before getting started!.

The Linear Delineation System

The Linear Delineation System is a revolutionary product that offers a seamless solution for road safety. With its unique mounting techniques, this system enables easy application and allows road crews to complete the installation of over a 1000-foot section in about six hours.

Designed with efficiency in mind, the Linear Delineation System ensures a quick and hassle-free installation process. Its innovative features make it a preferred choice for road crews looking to enhance safety measures on highways, roads, and other transportation infrastructure.

By utilizing the latest technology and materials, the Linear Delineation System offers exceptional durability and longevity. This ensures that the delineation markings remain highly visible and effective, even in challenging weather conditions.

With its user-friendly design, the Linear Delineation System simplifies the installation process, reducing the time and effort required by road crews. This not only saves valuable resources but also minimizes disruptions to traffic flow during installation.

When it comes to road safety, the Linear Delineation System is a reliable and efficient choice. Its easy application, quick installation, and long-lasting performance make it an ideal solution for enhancing visibility and guiding drivers on the road.

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