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Product Number 3MNCHAR-2R

3M™ Diamond Grade™ and Photoluminescent Markings light the way for emergency and evacuation signage.

  • Approved supplier to the U.S. Navy
  • Retroreflective letters and numbers used for the production of safety and emergency exit signage
  • Highly visible under ambient light and in dark conditions with retroreflected light
  • Aggressive, pressure-sensitive adhesive
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  Very Visible
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Product Dimensions
Imperial Metric
Length 2 in 5.08 cm
Height 2 in
Shipping Dimensions
Weight 0.1 lb
Length 0.1 in
Width 4.8 in
Height 0.1 in
Color Red


  1. What are 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Ship Board Numbers?

    3M™ Diamond Grade™ Ship Board Numbers are highly reflective adhesive letters and numbers designed for use on boats, ships, and other marine applications. They are durable, weather-resistant, and easy to install.

  2. What makes the 3MNCHAR-2RZ model different from other models?

    The 3MNCHAR-2RZ model refers specifically to red "Z" ship board numbers that measure two inches in height. The unique combination of color, lettering style, size, and reflectivity distinguishes this product from other options that may vary in these specifications.

  3. How many items come in a package of these ship board numbers?

    Each package of 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Ship Board Numbers contains ten individual characters (either letters or numerals). Therefore, you can spell out quite a bit with just one package!

  4. Are there any specific installation instructions that I should follow when applying these ship board numbers?

    Yes! It is essential to properly clean and dry the surface before applying the adhesive-backed ship board numbers. Additionally, you should carefully align each character so that they appear level and even along your boat's hull.

  5. Where can I purchase 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Ship Board Number products like this one?

    You can find authorized distributors or retailers near you by visiting our website at or calling us toll-free at [insert phone number]. We are happy to assist you with any questions about our products or their availability!

Product Description: 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Ship Board Numbers 3MNCHAR-2RZ, 3972, Red, "Z", 2 in, 10/Package

The 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Ship Board Numbers 3MNCHAR-2RZ, 3972, Red, "Z", 2 in, 10/Package are high-quality, durable ship board numbers designed to enhance visibility and safety on marine vessels. These numbers are specifically engineered to meet the stringent requirements of the maritime industry, ensuring optimal performance in harsh marine environments.

Featuring 3M's Diamond Grade™ technology, these ship board numbers offer superior retroreflectivity, making them highly visible even in low-light conditions. The red color and large 2-inch size further enhance visibility, allowing for easy identification and recognition from a distance. The "Z" design adds a professional and sleek look to any marine vessel.

Each package contains 10 ship board numbers, providing ample supply for various applications. These numbers are easy to install, thanks to their pressure-sensitive adhesive backing. Simply peel off the backing and apply the numbers to a clean, dry surface. The adhesive ensures a secure and long-lasting bond, even in extreme weather conditions.

  • High-quality ship board numbers designed for marine vessels
  • 3M's Diamond Grade™ technology for superior retroreflectivity
  • Red color and 2-inch size for enhanced visibility
  • "Z" design for a professional and sleek look
  • Package includes 10 ship board numbers
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive backing for easy installation

With 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Ship Board Numbers, you can ensure the safety and visibility of your marine vessel, while adding a touch of professionalism. Trust 3M's expertise and quality to meet your marine signage needs.

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