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Product Number 6002J

Flexible Diamond QRS Cloth Sheet 6002J was designed to tackle hard-to-grind materials like stone, glass, ceramic, metal, carbide and composites.The sharp-cutting diamond mineral and flexible backing make this abrasive a good match for a variety of metalworking applications.

  • Works well on a variety of materials: stone, glass, ceramic, metal carbide and composites
  • Open dot pattern allows swarf and debris to escape, helping to prevent loading
  • Available in three dot patterns, so operators can choose the right abrasive for their unique project needs
  • Hook and Loop backing for easy tool attachment
  • Flexible backing responds to edges and contours
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Minimum Order 5 Sheets
Order Increment 5 Sheets
  Versatile Across Industries
  Industry Low Price
Product Dimensions
Imperial Metric
Weight 0.7 LBS
Width 2-1/4 in 57.15 mm
Length 5 in 127 mm
Shipping Dimensions
Weight 0.7 lb
Length 3 in
Width 6 in
Height 1 in
Color Green
Grit Non Pertinent


  1. What is 3M™ Flexible Diamond QRS Cloth Sheet 6002J used for?

    The 3M™ Flexible Diamond QRS Cloth Sheet is a high-performance abrasive designed to sand and finish hard materials like ceramics, glass, stone, carbide, titanium, and composites.

  2. What kind of grit does the cloth sheet have?

    The M250 micron grade flexible diamond abrasive has an equivalent particle size of approximately 60 microns. This makes it ideal for removing scratches left by a P1500 or finer sandpaper while delivering a superior gloss on the surface.

  3. Can I use this sheet with water during polishing?

    Yes! Water or oil can be utilized during wet sanding operations as they help prevent clogging of the abrasive particles.

  4. How durable are these sheets? Will they tear easily?

    These diamond-impregnated cloth sheets are quite robust and long-lasting. Furthermore, its flexibility in shape helps you reach areas that would be challenging to do otherwise without tearing.

  5. Is it safe to use these abrasives on food-contact surfaces such as cutting boards or restaurant tabletops; If so which industries require such standards ?

    : These abrasives aren't recommended for finishing surfaces intended for direct contact with food/beverage etc because there may be concerns regarding contaminants that could result from using them. However if needed we offer solutions that meet specific regulatory requirements like HACCP , NSF etc . Feel free to reach out so our team can help find what fits your needs best !

For industrial/occupational use only. Not for consumer sale or use.
3M industrial and occupational products are intended, labeled, and packaged for sale to trained industrial and occupational customers for workplace use.  Unless specifically stated otherwise on the applicable product packaging or literature, these products are not intended, labeled, or packaged for sale to or use by consumers (e.g., for home, personal, primary or secondary school, recreational/sporting, or other uses not described in the applicable product packaging or literature), and must be selected and used in compliance with applicable health and safety regulations and standards (e.g., U.S. OSHA, ANSI), as well as all product literature, user instructions, warnings, and other limitations, and the user must take any action required under any recall, field action, or other product use notice.  Misuse of 3M industrial and occupational products may result in injury, sickness, death, or property damage.  For help with product selection and use, consult your on-site safety professional, industrial hygienist, or other subject matter expert.
Durability and Long Life

Flexible diamond products, such as the Flexible Diamond QRS Cloth Sheet 6002J, are designed to provide improved finishes on a variety of hard-to-grind materials without sacrificing cut rates. The product features a metal bond that securely anchors micron-graded diamonds to a premium flexible backing in an open dot pattern. This design provides durability and long life while allowing conformance to a variety of contours. Additionally, the open dot pattern produces aggressive cutting action while reducing loading.

Use for a Variety of Metalworking Applications

The Flexible Diamond QRS Cloth Sheet 6002J is commonly used for a variety of metalworking applications, including finishing, polishing, grinding, and stock removal. Its flexible backing enables the sheet to move forgivingly over the surface, making it uniquely suited for contour finishing. The product is equipped with a hook and loop backing to make abrasive to tool attachment easier. The hook and loop backing also provides for swift and easy change-out of abrasives, especially when there are multiple abrasives in a sequence.

Three Patterns

The Flexible Diamond QRS Cloth Sheet 6002J comes in three patterns: 18, B2, and 21. The 18 pattern is a small-dot pattern designed for fine finishes. It provides the fastest stock removal on very hard materials such as thermal spray coatings and ceramics. The B2 pattern is a medium-dot pattern designed for aggressive cutting action and has improved coolant flow given the spacing of the dots. The 21 pattern is the largest dot pattern and is ideal for applications where loading is a problem; gaps allow swarf and debris to escape.

Given its dual strength and flexibility, the Flexible Diamond QRS Cloth Sheet 6002J is an excellent abrasive for all your metalworking needs, from grinding to finishing.

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