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We're always here when you need proven support. ACE Brand Self-Adhering Bandages need no clips or fasteners and are designed to provide comfortable support for extended periods of time. So you can come back and enjoy all of your activities

  • TURN DISCOMFORT INTO COMFORT: One pack of 3" ACE™ Brand Self-Adhering Elastic Bandage that provide moderate support to weak, sore muscles and joints
  • SECURE FIT: Self-adhering design means no clips are needed
  • QUALITY DESIGN: Intended for reuse, this comfortable wrap conforms to multiple body parts and fits discreetly under clothing to help provide support and customized compression where needed
  • SOFT ELASTIC: The elastic has a soft feel, so the elastic bandage wrap is comfortable against your skin and can be washed for reuse
  • SUPPORTIVE: This ACE™ Brand bandage delivers comfortable support during activities like cardio class and soccer
  • Size: 2”, 3”, 4”
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Minimum Order 72 Rolls
Order Increment 72 Rolls
  Easy To Apply
  Multiple Application Use
  Fast Shipping
  Industry Low Price
Product Dimensions
Imperial Metric
Weight 0.17646 lbs
Width 3-3/4
Length 2.35
Height 5
Shipping Dimensions
Weight 12.70524 lb
Length 19.25 in
Width 10.8748 in
Height 10.3748 in


  1. What is ACE™ Self-Adhering Elastic Bandage 207461, 3 in. made of?

    The material used in the ACE™ Self-Adhering Elastic Bandage 207461, 3 in. comprises a blend of nylon and polyester fibers interwoven with natural rubber.

  2. Can I use ACE™ Self-Adhering Elastic Bandage 207461, 3 in. to wrap my ankle?

    Absolutely! The bandage's cohesive design allows it to stick securely to itself without the need for clips or pins, making it an excellent choice for providing compression support to sprains and strains on your ankle.

  3. How many times can I reuse this product before needing a new one?

    ACE™ Self-Adhering Elastic Bandages are designed for single-use only; they cannot be washed nor must they be reworn since their efficacy reduces after initial usage.

  4. Will the adhesive on the bandage irritate my skin?

    No need to worry about any irritation because the self-adhesive properties of our patented formula do not contain latex components that cause allergic reactions as frequently experienced by people like healthcare workers due to frequent use over time.

Product Description

The ACE™ Self Adhering Elastic Bandage

The ACE™ Self Adhering Elastic Bandage provides comfortable support for various activities such as tennis and soccer. Its unique wrap design allows for a customized fit, while the self-adhering closure eliminates the need for clips. With the ACE™ Self Adhering Elastic Bandage, you can confidently participate in your favorite activities without being hindered by minor strains. Count on its powerful support to keep you going and continue enjoying the activities you love.