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A thin clear sterile dressing that keeps out water, dirt and germs yet lets skin breathe, sizes are medium and small.

  • CLEAR: 10-pack of Nexcare Tegaderm Waterproof Transparent Dressing with a visually transparent design that lets you monitor wounds while they heal
  • WATERPROOF DRESSING: Each adhesive dressing shields injuries against water, dirt and germs
  • FOR UP TO 7 DAYS: Can be worn for up to seven days and stays in place during bathing
  • BREATHABLE: Flexible wound dressing moves with your body and is breathable, allowing moisture to escape and oxygen to enter
  • PEEL AND PRESS: Easy-to-use dressing adheres to the skin to shield minor burns, scrapes, cuts, blisters and abrasions
  • No.1 TEGADERM DRESSING: Trusted by doctors and nurses in hospitals for more than 25 years
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Minimum Order 12 Packs
Order Increment 12 Packs
Product Dimensions
Imperial Metric
Weight 0.099 lbs
Width 3.8748 in
Length 1-1/4 in
Height 5.075 in
Shipping Dimensions
Weight 1.501 lb
Length 8.5 in
Width 6.8748 in
Height 8.8748 in


  1. What is the 3M Nexcare Tegaderm Transparent Dressing used for?

    The 3M Nexcare Tegaderm Transparent Dressing helps to provide a waterproof and protective seal over wounds or surgical incisions. It also maintains a moist environment around the wound, which can promote faster healing.

  2. How long can I wear the transparent dressing?

    Typically, this transparent dressing can be worn for up to seven days, depending on individual factors like location and size of the wound.

  3. Is it easy to remove the transparent dressing after wearing it for several days?

    Yes, thanks to its specially designed adhesive that makes it easier for you to take off without causing discomfort or damage.

  4. Are there any specific recommendations on how to use and store the dressing properly?

    We advise storing in at room temperature (59-86 degrees F) with relative humidity not exceeding 60%.. Clean skin thoroughly prior application. Make sure your hands are clean too when applying. You should avoid stretching or pulling on the edges of this product during application as well – simply peeling back slowly will do!

  5. Is this type of transparent dressing safe?

    ny material has potential issues with allergic reactions but all materials have been safety tested per ISO standards by third party entities reviewed by regulatory bodies globally.There have been no health concerns hazardous enough in association with these materials according our company's available data.

Nexcare™ Tegaderm™ Transparent Dressing: Hospital Grade Wound Care at Home

With Nexcare™ Tegaderm™ Transparent Dressing, you can now bring the same hospital grade wound care products home to your family. This low profile film dressing adheres to your skin, providing complete protection from water, dirt, and germs, while still allowing your wound to breathe.

The flexible and comfortable design of this dressing allows you to continue with your favorite activities, and it can be worn for up to a week. You no longer have to lift up your dressing to check on the healing process, as this transparent dressing lets you watch your injury heal right before your eyes.

Give yourself and your family the confidence of Nexcare™ Tegaderm™ Transparent Dressing, and rest easy knowing that your wound is protected.