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The problem solver for soft finishes. Produces a brilliant gloss. Exceptional durability and life.

  • Used for high speed burnishing on soft finishes
  • Produces good gloss improvement
  • Exceptional durability and life
  • Floor maintenance buffing pad for use on ultra high speed floor machines
  • Made of nylon and polyester fiber in a non-woven web having resins throughout and bonded to the web structure
  • *Certified by Green Seal® for Environmental Innovation based on a design for significantly improved initial and mid-life performance compared to competitive products, extending the useful life of the floor pad and reducing solid waste generation
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Order Increment 1 Case
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Product Dimensions
Imperial Metric
Diameter 27 in 685.8 mm
Thickness 1 in
Shipping Dimensions
Weight 6.7 lb
Length 28.8 in
Width 28.5 in
Height 5.8 in
Color Aqua


  1. What is the 3M™ Aqua Burnish Pad 3100 made of?

    The 3M™ Aqua Burnish Pad 3100 is made up of soft non-woven construction fabric, high-quality resin and fibers.

  2. How often do I need to replace the Aqua Burnish Pads?

    The frequency to replace your burnish pads depends upon several factors that include floor traffic, type of flooring used, frequency of use along with proper care/maintenance. An indicator for replacement when the pad starts wearing off or shows sign of reduced effectiveness which could be seen as diminished shine gradually over time.

  3. Is this pad recommended for buffing hardwood floors?

    Yes, you can use our Aqua Burnish Pads on most types of finished floors including wooden floors. A unique formula ensures long-lasting efficiency since these pads are suited well for high-speed-propane machines and have good protection against scuff marks/ scratches without leaving residual pigment after usage.

  4. Is it available in different sizes apart from its standard size?

    The standard size available comes with a diameter of 27 inches and one-quarter inch center hole all-around circle however if you want something more customised we support customization depending on your requirement which entails adjustable options like thickness/diameter/composition so feel free to reach out regarding other specifications beyond what’s already stocked-up!

Product Description: 3M™ Aqua Burnish Pad 3100, 27 in, 1/4 in Center Hole, 5/Case

The 3M™ Aqua Burnish Pad 3100 is a high-quality floor maintenance pad designed to deliver exceptional results in burnishing and polishing applications. With a diameter of 27 inches and a 1/4 inch center hole, this pad is suitable for use with most standard floor machines. Each case contains 5 pads, ensuring you have an ample supply for your floor maintenance needs.

What sets the 3M™ Aqua Burnish Pad 3100 apart is its unique construction and innovative design. The pad is made from a durable polyester fiber material that is highly resistant to wear and tear, allowing for extended use and cost savings. Its open web construction enables efficient and effective burnishing, producing a high-gloss finish on a variety of hard floor surfaces.

Not only does the 3M™ Aqua Burnish Pad 3100 deliver outstanding performance, but it is also easy to use. Simply attach the pad to your floor machine and let it do the work. The pad's center hole design ensures proper alignment and secure attachment, preventing any slippage or damage during operation. Whether you need to maintain the appearance of a commercial space or keep your home floors looking their best, the 3M™ Aqua Burnish Pad 3100 is the ideal choice for achieving professional-grade results.

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