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A powerful griddle cleaning liquid that is Green Seal™ Certfied and safe for use on food contact surfaces. Loosens and lifts carbonized grease and food soil upon contact on a hot griddle for easy removal. No strong chemical odors. Formulation does not contain caustic soda found in other griddle cleaning chemicals.

  • Powerful griddle cleaning liquid that is safe for use on food contact surfaces.
  • Quickly loosens and lifts carbonized grease and food soil upon contact with hot griddle (300-350°F.)
  • Does not contain caustic soda.
  • No strong chemical odors or irritaing fumes. All chemical components are G.R.A.S. listed ("Generally Recognized as Safe" as compiled by the FDA)
  • Green Seal Certified
  • Effectively removes baked-on food and cooking oil from griddles
  • Designed for use on medium-hot griddles (300-350°F.) - saves cool-down time
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Minimum Order 1 Case
Order Increment 1 Case
Product Dimensions
Imperial Metric
Weight 0.28 LBS
Shipping Dimensions
Weight 12.1 lb
Length 10.313 in
Width 10.313 in
Height 4.75 in
Color Orange
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Spend more time cooking, less time cleaning with safe, smart griddle cleaning solutions from Scotch-Brite. Cleaning a dirty flat-top griddles the old-fashioned way with hand-held bricks, vinegar, oil or caustic cleaning products is a real pain. Not only is it time consuming and messy, it also increases the risk of burnt knuckles and unpleasant fumes. Now you can clean even the dirtiest griddle in just 3 to 5 minutes. No need to let the griddle cool down. There’s no strong chemical odor, no caustic soda and no residue left behind. Highly effective when used along with Scotch-Brite Quick Clean Heavy Duty Griddle Pad 746 to scour the griddle and Squeegee 410 to remove liquid residue. No water rinse needed. Scotch-Brite Scour Pads and Griddle Cleaning products are certified as “food safe” and “fit for purpose” by HACCP International. Scotch Brite Griddle Cleaning products are also safe for use on food contact surfaces and meet Green Seal Standard GS 53*. We deliver safe and durable products so you can improve efficiency with your employees and safety for your customers. NOTE: For chromium-plated or mirror-finish griddles use the Scotch-Brite Non-Stick Cookware Cleaning Pad 9000 in place of the Scotch-Brite Quick Clean Heavy Duty Griddle 746. *Based on effective performance, minimized/recycled packaging, and protective limits on VOCs and human and environmental toxicity.   Add to cart