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Product Number 953FA

3M™ Trizact™ Cloth 953FA is constructed with a 3M proprietary ceramic grain for fast, aggressive cutting action. An XF-weight cloth backing is durable with additional flexibility. It is ideal for dimensioning and blending in wet centerless or flat grinding applications on ferrous, stainless steel and nonferrous workpieces.

  • Use in wet centerless or flat grinding and finishing operations
  • Consistent, predictable results for accurate part geometry and finish
  • Fast cutting grain allows higher throughput, fewer belts
  • Less dependent on operator skill to achieve close tolerances and finish specs
  • Alternative to bonded wheels
  • No need to invest in new machines or shifts with belts rather than bonded wheels
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  High-Quality Cloth Belt Materials
Product Dimensions
Imperial Metric
Width 17.32 in 439.928 mm
Length 78-3/4 in 2000.25 mm
Shipping Dimensions
Weight 12 lb
Length 12.09 in
Width 12.01 in
Height 18.76 in
Grit Non Pertinent


  1. What is the 3M™ Trizact™ Cloth Belt 953FA?

    The 3M™ Trizact™ Cloth Belt 953FA is a high-performance abrasive belt designed for use in metalworking applications.

  2. What are the dimensions of this cloth belt?

    The belt measures 17-21/64 inches by 78-¾ inches and has an XF-weight, offering excellent durability.

  3. How many belts come in a case of the 3M™ Trizact™ Cloth Belt 953FA?

    Each case contains five belts that can be used with any standard abrasive bench-top or backstand grinder.

  4. What makes this abrasive cloth special compared to other brands?

    This cloth features micro-replication technology which delivers consistent, uniform finishes and significantly extends its lifespan; allowing operators to save time and money on frequent replacement purchases.

  5. . Can I use it on my stainless steel work piece fabricated for food industry application?

    . Absolutely! It's particularly suited at stock removal tasks on certain stainless steels such as premium grade A4 /316L or titanium grades formulated specifically for use in harsh food production environments.

For industrial/occupational use only. Not for consumer sale or use.
3M industrial and occupational products are intended, labeled, and packaged for sale to trained industrial and occupational customers for workplace use.  Unless specifically stated otherwise on the applicable product packaging or literature, these products are not intended, labeled, or packaged for sale to or use by consumers (e.g., for home, personal, primary or secondary school, recreational/sporting, or other uses not described in the applicable product packaging or literature), and must be selected and used in compliance with applicable health and safety regulations and standards (e.g., U.S. OSHA, ANSI), as well as all product literature, user instructions, warnings, and other limitations, and the user must take any action required under any recall, field action, or other product use notice.  Misuse of 3M industrial and occupational products may result in injury, sickness, death, or property damage.  For help with product selection and use, consult your on-site safety professional, industrial hygienist, or other subject matter expert.
Achieve Part Geometry More Easily

With the 3M™ Trizact™ Cloth Belt 953FA, you can consistently achieve accurate part geometry with ease, speed, and consistency. This belt is versatile and available in grades from A300 for stock removal to A6 for final finishing and polishing. Grades A10 and A6 employ an engineered aluminum oxide mineral, and A300 is available on a stiffer YF-weight backing. This belt is available in converted forms up to 25 inches wide.

Abrasive Design for Fast, Controlled Cut

3M designed an abrasive mineral to deliver Trizact™ consistency with the cutting action of ceramic abrasive grain. This new shape, packed with durable ceramic grain, introduces a full line of consistent Trizact belt products for stock removal through final finishing in wet applications on stainless, mild, and hardened steel. The ceramic grain is a chemically engineered ceramic aluminum oxide mineral that has a unique "stay sharp" crystalline structure. This grain, as it wears, continually reveals fresh cutting edges, ensuring a sustained cut and longer product life. This durable, cost-effective abrasive solution delivers real productivity benefits across an operation without the premature dulling associated with traditional abrasives. Fast cutting action allows high throughput and/or fewer belts on multiple-head machines, which means you operate at significantly lower total cost.

Alternative to Bonded Wheels

3M abrasive belts perform more reliably independently of operator variables and can be run without investing in new machines or shifts. Less technique-dependent tools help to deliver a more consistent result. Bonded wheels generally depend upon the dexterity, hours of experience, and machine knowledge of the operator to achieve consistently exceptional results.

Mill Rolls, Z-Mill Rolls, Hard Chrome Rolls and Thermal Sprayed Rolls

Accomplish typical work roll refinishing with a sequence of 3M™ Trizact™ Belts. The first step uses 3M™ Trizact™ Cloth 953FA A300 belt to remove 0.005 to 0.015 inches of material from the roll diameter. Refine the finish quickly by replacing the roughing belt with a sequence of finer grade 953FA belts, depending on finish requirements. Mirror finishes (<1 Μ in. Ra) have been achieved.


The 3M™ Trizact™ Cloth Belt 953FA is a versatile and reliable abrasive solution that delivers consistent results and real productivity benefits across an operation. With its fast cutting action, durable ceramic grain, and unique abrasive design, this belt is an excellent alternative to bonded wheels. Whether you're working with mill rolls, Z-mill rolls, hard chrome rolls, or thermal sprayed rolls, the 3M™ Trizact™ Cloth Belt 953FA can help you achieve accurate part geometry more easily and efficiently.

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