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Part Number DIA-PURPL

Diamond coated floor pads for cleaning and polishing marble, terrazzo, slate and polished concrete flooring. Helps eliminate floor finish and helps reduce labor costs.

  • Simplified, one-step process that simultaneously cleans and polishes stone floors
  • Helps eliminate the need to use floor finishes, coatings, stripper and cystallization products, and the labor-intensive work associated with applying these chemical products
  • Conditions floors to bring out a medium gloss to enhance floor appearance
  • For use on low and high speed equipment
  • Industry standard - consistent proven performance with a long pad life
  • *Certified by Green Seal® for Environmental Innovation based on a design for significantly improved initial performance compared to competitive products, extending the useful life of the floor pad and reducing solid waste generation
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Product Dimensions
Imperial Metric
Diameter 14 in 355 mm
Thickness 1 in 25.4 mm
Shipping Dimensions
Weight 2.492 lb
Length 15.35 in
Width 15.35 in
Height 5.746 in
Color Purple


  1. What makes the Scotch-Brite™ Purple Diamond Floor Pad Plus different from other floor pads?

    The Scotch-Brite™ Purple Diamond Floor Pad Plus uses a diamond-hard top layer for long-lasting durability. It is also designed to remove soil, scuffs, and black heel marks from your floors with minimal effort.

  2. How often should I replace these floor pads?

    This really depends on how frequently you use them and how dirty or damaged they become over time. Generally speaking, it's good practice to replace them every few months or sooner if you notice any significant wear and tear.

  3. Can these floor pads be used with various types of cleaning solutions?

    Absolutely! The Scotch-Brite™ Purple Diamond Floor Pad Plus can be used with almost any cleaner or solution that's suitable for your specific flooring type. Just make sure to follow all manufacturer recommendations regarding product compatibility and usage instructions.

Product Description: Scotch-Brite™ Purple Diamond Floor Pad Plus, 14 in, 5/Case

The Scotch-Brite™ Purple Diamond Floor Pad Plus is a high-performance floor maintenance pad designed to deliver exceptional results on a variety of hard floor surfaces. With its unique diamond mineral construction, this floor pad offers superior durability and longevity, making it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas. Measuring 14 inches in diameter, this pad is suitable for use with most standard floor machines.

Featuring a highly efficient open-web construction, the Scotch-Brite™ Purple Diamond Floor Pad Plus effectively removes dirt, scuffs, and scratches from the floor surface, leaving behind a clean and polished finish. The diamond mineral technology ensures consistent and even abrasion, resulting in a more uniform appearance across the entire floor. This pad is specifically designed for use on coated and uncoated concrete, marble, terrazzo, and other hard floor surfaces.

With its easy-to-use design, the Scotch-Brite™ Purple Diamond Floor Pad Plus can be quickly and effortlessly attached to a floor machine, allowing for efficient and time-saving floor maintenance. The pad is color-coded purple for easy identification and is compatible with both low-speed and high-speed machines. Each case contains 5 floor pads, providing a cost-effective solution for large-scale floor maintenance projects.

  • High-performance floor maintenance pad
  • Unique diamond mineral construction for superior durability
  • 14-inch diameter, suitable for most standard floor machines
  • Efficient open-web construction for effective dirt and scuff removal
  • Designed for use on coated and uncoated concrete, marble, terrazzo, and other hard floor surfaces
  • Easy-to-use design for quick attachment to floor machines
  • Color-coded purple for easy identification
  • Compatible with low-speed and high-speed machines
  • Each case contains 5 floor pads for cost-effective floor maintenance
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