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A breathable wrap for added comfort is ideal for sensitive skin applications and securing dressings in place. This product sticks to itself, not skin or hair can be torn by hand and is hypoallergenic with latex free materials. Hospital name - 3M Coban LF HT Self-Adhering Wrap.

  • Wrap adheres to itself, but not to skin or hair
  • Leaves no residue on skin when removed
  • Use as an outer wrap to fasten gauze, pads and other dressings
  • Breathable construction provides ventilated comfort
  • Tears by hand–no scissors required
  • Made in the usa
  • Size: 1” x 80”, 2” x 80”, 3” x 80”
  • Color: tan
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
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Minimum Order 24 Rolls
Order Increment 24 Rolls
  Easy To Apply
  Multiple Application Use
  Fast Shipping
  Industry Low Price
Product Dimensions
Imperial Metric
Weight 0.04 LBS
Width 1 in
Length 80 in
Shipping Dimensions
Weight 1.266 lb
Length 8.96 in
Width 7.76 in
Height 6.7 in
Color Beige


  1. What is 3M's Nexcare™ No Hurt Wrap NHT-1?

    The Nexcare No Hurt Wrap NHT-1 is a self-adhering wrap that provides gentle support and protection for injured areas without causing pain upon removal.

  2. How long is the Nexcare™ No Hurt Wrap NHT-1, 1 in x 80 in (25,4 mm x 2 m) Unstretched?

    The roll of the Nexcare No Hurt Wrap NHT-1 measures at 1 inch wide by 80 inches long when not stretched.

  3. Will it stick to my skin or hair when I remove it?

    Despite its strong holding power, the Nexcare No Hurt Wrap NHT-1 will gently come off your skin without leaving any residue. You won't need to worry about damaging your hair either since it doesn't stick firmly onto strands.

  4. Can I use this wrap on sensitive or fragile skin?

    Yes! It's perfect for delicate and sensitive skin types because of its comfortable non-woven texture that adds extra cushioning and protection against pain during movement with minimal shifting.

  5. Is this product water-resistant?

    A :The High-performance elastic material used can retain its shape even after being exposed to moisture, but we don't recommend immersing them completely in water or exposing them too frequently.

Nexcare™ No Hurt Wrap: Secure Wound Dressings with Comfortable Care

When it comes to wound dressings, you want something that will stay in place without causing discomfort or irritation. That's where the Nexcare™ No Hurt Wrap comes in. This self-stick first aid wrap is designed to adhere tightly to itself, but not to your body or clothing, making it a great choice for those with sensitive or fragile skin.

The Nexcare™ No Hurt Wrap tears by hand, so you can quickly and easily apply it whenever you need it. And when it's time to take it off, you can rest assured that it will come off clean, leaving no adhesive behind.

But what really sets the Nexcare™ No Hurt Wrap apart is its flexible and hypoallergenic design. This wrap is comfortable to wear and won't irritate your skin, so you can keep moving at your normal pace throughout your day.

  • Self-stick first aid wrap
  • Adheres tightly to itself, but not to your body or clothing
  • Tears by hand for quick and convenient use
  • Comes off clean, leaving no adhesive behind
  • Flexible and hypoallergenic design for comfortable care