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Bondo-Hair Long Strand Fiberglass Reinforced Filler features strands of chopped fiberglass up to 1 long for extra strength on your toughest repairs: filling large rust holes, restoring shattered fiberglass and more. In fact, this waterproof filler delivers twice the strength of standard body filler, making it ideal for rebuilding missing pieces during full vehicle restoration.

  • IDEAL FOR LARGE HOLE REPAIR, rust out areas, rebuilding missing pieces, shattered fiberglass, and more
  • VERSATILE FILLER works with fiberglass, metal and wood
  • FILL LARGE HOLES up to 1-inch wide and rebuild missing pieces without the need for backing strips, fiberglass cloth, or mat
  • ADDITIONAL STRENGTH vs. Bondo® Original Filler due to long strand of chopped fiberglass reinforced formula
  • WATERPROOF AND NON-SHRINKING formula works on cars and boats
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Minimum Order 6 Canisters
Order Increment 6 Canisters
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  Multi-Purpose Uses
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Product Dimensions
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Weight 15.172 lb
Length 13.81299 in
Width 9.5 in
Height 7.1248 in


  1. Certainly! Here are some common questions customers might ask about 3M's Bondo® Long Strand Fiberglass Reinforced Filler

    How much Bondo® Long Strand Fiberglass Reinforced Filler comes in a case?

  2. Each case contains 6 containers of 32 oz (2 lb) of the filler.

    What are the benefits of using Bondo® Long Strand Fiberglass Reinforced Filler?

  3. This filler provides excellent strength, adhesion, and durability for repairing large holes, rust-outs, cracks, and other damage on vehicles.

    Is this product easy to work with for beginners?

  4. Yes, it is user-friendly and can be easily shaped and sanded once applied according to the instructions provided.

    Can I use this filler on different surfaces besides metal?

  5. Yes, you can apply Bondo® Long Strand Fiberglass Reinforced Filler on wood, fiberglass, concrete or masonry surfaces that require repair.

    How should I store unused portions of the filler after opening a container?

  6. . After each use reseal container as quickly as possible after using product. Store between working temperatures from -75° to +200°F (-59°to+93°C).

Two Times as Strong for the Toughest Repairs
Formulated to be twice as strong as regular body filler, Bondo-Hair® Long Strand Fiberglass Reinforced Filler is perfect for your most challenging projects. Whether you're rebuilding missing pieces, restoring a vehicle, repairing shattered fiberglass, or filling metal rust holes up to 1" in diameter, this filler is up to the task. It features durable strands of chopped fiberglass up to 1" long, eliminating the need for backing strips, mats, or cloth. And if you need even more strength, you can easily incorporate additional materials. This versatile filler is suitable for repairs on fiberglass, metal, and wood.

Easy from Mixing to Sanding
Bondo-Hair® Long Strand Fiberglass Reinforced Filler is not only strong, but also fast and easy to use. It comes with Bondo® Red Cream Hardener for quick and easy mixing. With its fast curing properties, you can start sanding in as little as 20 minutes, keeping your auto restoration projects on schedule. The cured filler is compatible with most fillers, primers, and paints.

Use During the Fill Stage of the 3M™ Body Repair System
Even a small repair can seem complex at first. That's why 3M has developed the Body Repair System, which simplifies the entire automotive body repair process into four stages:

  • Stage 1 - Prepare: This stage includes tasks such as pulling dents, removing paint and rust, and efficiently masking the area.
  • Stage 2 - Fill: In this stage, you patch holes with reinforced filler and smooth and shape the filler before painting.
  • Stage 3 - Paint: This stage involves painting the area and blending and smoothing primer and paint.
  • Stage 4 - Finish: The final stage is all about achieving showroom-grade results. It includes removing small defects, sealing, and polishing clear coats and other painted surfaces.

3M provides premium products such as abrasives, tapes, body fillers, and tools for every stage of the Body Repair System. This comprehensive system helps you work easily, efficiently, and successfully throughout the entire body repair process.

Bringing Science to the Art of Auto Body Repair
As a brand of 3M, Bondo® is well-known among collision repair professionals and others who are dedicated to helping you restore the beauty and value of your cars and boats. Bondo-Hair® Long Strand Fiberglass Reinforced Filler is another example of how 3M applies science to life, helping you rediscover the excitement of the vehicles you own.