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Flexible Laminates

Slip Stream 24/7 has many Flexible Laminate variants that offer immense insulation and protection of electrical equipment. These laminates are a popular choice in the automotive and electrical engineering sectors. Our laminates all come in different sizes and thicknesses and are tailored for specific use. They are also found in 3M UL Recognized Insulation Systems. Browse through our cost-effective products and find which one matches your requirement.
Description Lead
Min Price Instant
Length Width Height Diameter Thickness Volume Center Hole Weight Grit Speed RPM SKU
3M™ Expandable Slot Liner ESL-HTC190FS-015-US, 41mm x 400m, 1 Roll / Case
3M™ Expandable Slot Liner ESL-HTC190FS-015-US, 41mm x 400m, 1 Roll / Case 45 1 $1,285.40
per Roll
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 7100326377

Flexible Laminates FAQs

As a general rule, the life expectancy of 3M flexible laminates is typically 10-15 years, depending on the environment in which they are used. Read our Frequently Asked Questions on our Flexible Laminates.

The individual product and shipping dimensions along with all the data sheets can be found on the product page below the 'Add to Cart' button.
This is the minimum that 3M gives for the distribution of these particular products and this applies to competitor websites as well. However, Slip Stream has the advantage of lower prices per square yard across the board.