VHB Tape Installation

A Guide to VHB Tapes

Dec 09, 2022

VHB stands for ‘very high bonding’ and VHB Tapes were introduced by global manufacturers 3M in 1980. These tapes provide a stronger hold than most construction adhesives and are used to permanently seal and bond an array of different surfaces, and they can replace mechanical fasteners.

Since the introduction of VHB tape, there have been various other bonding tapes created such as Adhesive Transfer Tapes, Ultra Temperature tapes, Ultra High Bonding (UHB) tapes, and Acrylic Foam Tapes (AFT) which are now big players in the tape market.

There are so many bonding tapes commercially available today it can be overwhelming, which tape you choose is dependent upon its application. Some tapes are needed to withstand extreme weather and temperature conditions whilst others like transparent adhesive transfer tapes are used as a permanent bonding solution were rivets, screws, and welding isn’t the best option.

This blog post answers some of the most common questions on VHB and Adhesive Transfer Tapes.

Are VHB Tapes and UHB Tapes the Same?

Pretty much! UHB contains the same properties as VHB so they can be used for the same applications.

However, 3M has trademarked the term ‘VHB’, which is why you won't see it produced by other tape manufacturers. Because of this, the industry came up with the term UHB (Ultra High Bonding) instead, when producing similar types of tape.

UHB tapes are double-sided and are made from durable acrylic foam and similar materials as VHB tapes. Within 72 hours they both create an almost indestructible bond and have excellent shock absorption and anti-vibration qualities making them perfect for machinery use.

Customers who have bought our tapes are amazed at the exceptional hold these tapes provide.

Can VHB™ tape be removed?

Yes, but it can be challenging!

VHB™ tapes are designed intended to form a permanent bond between two surfaces. Therefore once the VHB has been properly stuck and bonded to a smooth surface it can prove very difficult to remove it.

This helpful 3M™ VHB™ Tape Removal Systems guide explains to you exactly how this can be achieved.


However, you have to be prepared for a ruined surface once you have separated the bond from the remaining adhesive residue. 

What are the best Premium Adhesive Transfer Tapes?

VHB tapes tend to be the most popular, however there are lots of quality tapes out there.

As mentioned, there are many VHB product families that all serve a tremendous purpose for a range of applications. All of them have specifications to review before purchasing that specific tape. One of our premium VHB tape families is the 3M VHB Adhesive Transfer Tapes, specifically products F9473PC, F9469PC, and F9460PC.

All three tapes are perfect solutions for industrial joining, construction, and metal fabrication to their durability, long-term holding, and other unique properties such as being Chemical, UV, and Solvent Resistant.

They are also transparent making them perfect for industrial applications.

These tapes are thin, double-sided, and can be used on a wide variety of applications. What makes them so useful is they come with a shelf life of 24 months (depending on the storage conditions), a temperature range -40F to 500F, there aesthetically pleasing due to their transparency and the ability to stick to glass, metal, polyimide, rigid PVC, acrylic, polycarbonate, polystyrene and the broadest range of substrates.

The tapes are easy to apply which accelerates productivity, have incredible holding power and long-lasting adhesion.

It’s for these reasons they are a common choice for use in a range of industries.

What industries are VHB Adhesive Transfer Tapes used in?

  1. Aerospace

  2. Appliance & Housing

  3. Automotive

  4. Construction (specifically for woodworking and metalworking)

  5. Defense

  6. Electronics

  7. Industrial

  8. Military

  9. Medical

  10. Oil & Gas

  11. Signage & Logo attachment

  12. Transportation


3M™ VHB™ Adhesive Transfer Tapes provide unlimited design and application possibilities by being adaptable and providing bonding solutions to a variety of material and surfaces. Slip Stream 24/7 have a vast range of high quality VHB adhesive transfer tapes. The tapes in our premium family are available in custom sizes. We have 16 widths available but our affiliate company Advanced Technology Supply, Inc are converters of pressure sensitive tape so we will be able to fulfil a custom order.