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Abrasive Discs

We have 11 types of abrasive discs in stock for removal, blending, finishing, and polishing applications. The discs are from brands 3M™, Roloc™, Xtract™, Cubitron™, Finesse-it™ that are used in projects that require tough tolerances and high volume. All our abrasive discs are used for different purposes,however, they are all highly effective in cutting non-ferrous metal materials and non-metallic materials like copper, aluminum, wood, metal, composite, gel coats, painted substrates, or hard-to-grind materials.

Abrasive Discs Available

There are numerous types of abrasive discs for different applications which are majorly dependent on the type of material they are cutting. At Slip Stream 24/7 we stock.

These discs are one of the conventional disc types and made of woven fabrics. The most significant use of these discs is in the sanding of metal surfaces due to their rigid nature.
Fiber discs are made of hardened material made by treating the rubber with sulphur at high temperatures. These discs are the right choice when it comes to metal grinding.
Film discs have the backing of polyester film. These discs are mainly used for the final dry finish or polishing of the paint and varnishes without destroying the coat.
Flap discs are usually made of zirconia to instill the grinding and finishing qualities both into it. The most significant usage of these discs is in the shaping of metals.
Foam discs are made of polythene and are lightweight. These discs are useful when it comes to the removal of slight sand scratches or oxidation without affecting the surface itself.
The metal bond discs are made by sticking the particles of diamond powder or alloy via pressure. These discs help remove the existing coatings of the floors to make them ready for polishing.
The net discs are usually made of nylon but in a stiff manner to ensure proper working. These discs are highly significant when it comes to the removal of dust extraction from a surface or substrate.
The non-woven discs are made of synthetic fiber with the inclusion of resins bonded with the strong adhesive. These discs are significantly used in the removal of sticky materials like paint from the surfaces without affecting the original surface.
These discs are usually made of aluminum oxide. Such discs are highly useful in smoothing the edges and polishing the inner walls of the cylinder like surfaces, for example pipes and tubes.
Paper discs are made of cellulose fibers which makes them light weight. These discs are the right choice when it comes to the smoothing and sanding of the painted or wooden surfaces.
Quick change discs are usually made of hard plastic, aluminum oxide, ceramic, or such. These discs are smaller in size helping in the sanding of smaller spaces that the other abrasive discs might not be able to.

Benefits of the Abrasive Discs

These discs work on the phenomenon of friction and provide an array of benefits that come in handy under a variety of circumstances. Following are some of the benefits or use cases of Abrasive Discs:

  1. Abrasive cutting provides outstanding service performance and precision cutting. The petal shaped discs are used for specific applications in certain industries which allows for aggressive cutting with low- burr edges.
  2. Has multi-purpose use, mainly used in sanding, finishing, and grinding and also cut faster than other precisionmetal cutting methods
  3. Removes material through grinding and erosion leaving smooth finish and no rough edges
  4. Comprised of abrasive grain adhered to the surface of film, cloth, non-woven, paper, or other type of backing, these products come in handy for a range of applications.