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Abrasive Sheets & Rolls

Slip Stream 24/7 has a vast range of Cloth Sheets, Film Sheets, Foam Sheets, Non-woven Sheets, Sandpaper Sheets – all of these products come in rolls as well. In addition, we also have Disc and Double Roll Dispensers from 3M™ Stikit™. We have hundreds of varieties in stock that will meet your requirements. All our sheets and rolls are made in the US by 3M to exact ISO9001 standards.

About our Abrasive Sheets

Our abrasive sheets, no matter which product all serve separate purposes and can remove surface materials such as metal, ceramics, glass, plastics, and paint. Their flexibility allows them to be used on various surfaces with many applications involved such as wet and dry grinding, sanding, cleaning, polishing, and surface preparation in a variety of industries. Most notably metalworking, woodworking, ceramics, and semiconductors.

Abrasive cloth sheets are usually made of silicon carbide and aluminum oxide on a cloth backing which makes them flexible. They are used for sanding and polishing.
Film sheets are usually made of aluminum oxide and are flexible and durable. They are used in the contouring of surfaces without damaging or over-sanding them. We have over 260 film sheets and rolls available made by 3M Hookit, Stikit and Trizact.
Abrasive foam sheets are not completely rigid, instead, their semi-rigid sponges make them flexible enough for any surface. They are mostly used in sanding and polishing wooden surfaces. Our foam sheets are made by 3M Trizact, Hookit.
Non-woven sheets are made of the fibers of synthetic material like nylon arranged in a 3D web structure. These sheets are long-lasting as they do not shred and are used in smooth finishing of the surface. We have 204 non-woven sheets & rolls made by 3M, Scotch-Brite, Standard Abrasives.
Sandpaper sheets can be made of garnet, aluminum oxide, or silicon carbide glued tightly to the paper backing. These discs are utilized in the wet sanding and polishing of the surfaces. We have 282 different varieties of sandpaper sheets and rolls made by 3M Scotch-Brite, Stikit, Wetordry.
We have 3 premium roll dispensers available from 3M designed specifically to hold, store, carry and dispense rolls of 5˝ or 6˝ 3M Stikit discs, whilst allowing you to keep the rolls on hand and protected from dust and dirt. Our dispensers help keep the disc rolls clean so that they attach firmly and consistently to the backup pad.