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Product Number CS-DC

Scotch-Brite™ Clean and Strip Disc was designed to help operators tackle tough metalworking challenges: think paint prep and coating and corrosion removal. When removing unwanted contaminants and stubborn imperfections – or smoothing a rough surface – it’s a good idea to have a load-resistant, sharp-cutting abrasive on hand.

  • Removes paint, rust and coatings quickly without compromising the geometry of the workpiece
  • Thin width gets into tight corners for complete cleaning, stripping, and surface prep
  • Provides greater surface area than wire brushes
  • Extra coarse (XCS) grade silicon carbide provides aggressive cutting and leaves a finish than wire brushes
  • Load and heat resistance offers prolonged operation and consistent finishing results throughout disc life
  • Smear resistant, non-woven web material provides uniform wear over the life of the disc
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Product Dimensions
Imperial Metric
Diameter 7 in 177.8 mm
Shipping Dimensions
Weight 4 lb
Length 14.7 in
Width 14.6 in
Height 4 in
Color Black
Maximum RPM 3,300


  1. What is the Scotch-Brite Clean and Strip Disc, CS-DC, SiC Extra Coarse, 7 in x 1/4 in used for?

    The Scotch-Brite Clean and Strip Disc is a heavy-duty abrasive disc that is designed for removing tough coatings such as paint and rust from metal surfaces.

  2. How many discs come in a case of the Scotch-Brite Clean and Strip Disc?

    Each case of the Scotch-Brite Clean and Strip Disc contains 15 abrasive discs that are each 7 inches in diameter by 1/4 inch thick.

  3. Can these discs be used on any type of material or surface?

    These extra coarse silicon carbide discs are suitable for use on most metals including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and bronze. They should not be used on plastics or other softer materials.

  4. Are these discs safe to use with power tools?

    Yes! The disc can withstand high RPMs without breaking down or disintegrating making it ideal for use with angle grinders or other power tools equipped with a compatible backing pad.

  5. Is there anything I should do to prolong the life span of my clean strips after using them?

    . To keep your clean strips working their best throughout their lifespan you will want to clear out debris buildup by brushing them periodically during usage; Store them away dry afterwards as well.

For industrial/occupational use only. Not for consumer sale or use.
3M industrial and occupational products are intended, labeled, and packaged for sale to trained industrial and occupational customers for workplace use.  Unless specifically stated otherwise on the applicable product packaging or literature, these products are not intended, labeled, or packaged for sale to or use by consumers (e.g., for home, personal, primary or secondary school, recreational/sporting, or other uses not described in the applicable product packaging or literature), and must be selected and used in compliance with applicable health and safety regulations and standards (e.g., U.S. OSHA, ANSI), as well as all product literature, user instructions, warnings, and other limitations, and the user must take any action required under any recall, field action, or other product use notice.  Misuse of 3M industrial and occupational products may result in injury, sickness, death, or property damage.  For help with product selection and use, consult your on-site safety professional, industrial hygienist, or other subject matter expert.
An Abrasive for High-Production Environments

Scotch-Brite™ Clean and Strip Disc has all the benefits operators have come to expect from Scotch-Brite™ abrasives, including good load resistance and consistent cutting action. This abrasive is ideal for high-production environments and projects that generate a lot of dust, such as coating and corrosion removal. The disc features a standard attachment system and may be connected to a backstand, right angle grinder or die grinder.

Silicon Carbide Mineral Cuts Sharp and Leaves a Bright Finish

Nylon fibers on Scotch-Brite™ Clean and Strip Disc are interspersed with extra-coarse (XCS) silicon carbide mineral. This disc uses extra-coarse (XCS) mineral, because it cuts more aggressively than minerals in a finer grade. Among synthetic minerals, silicon carbide is one of the sharpest. It breaks down faster than aluminum oxide but leaves a finer finish.

The Many Benefits of Scotch Brite™ Abrasives

As a Scotch-Brite™ product, this disc is engineered with open nylon web, which is why it's such a great match for cleaning welds, removing rust and stripping paint. The gaps between nylon fibers permit debris to escape. The benefits of this are twofold. First, it enhances the abrasive's ability to withstand loading. Second, because the abrasive does not get clogged with debris as easily, it has prolonged service life. The nylon fibers break down continuously during grinding, revealing fresh mineral for ongoing sharp cutting action and consistent finishes – part after part.

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